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As you Can Guess I have a few hobbies and have made Web pages to them all. I am slowly working on updating them all but there is a lot of work and it take time. Check back when you can.


Daimyo Shi's RIFTS Page

Captain Hajime's Warhammer 40k and Fantasy Warhammer pages.

Daimyo Shi's City of Villians Web Characters

Daimyo Shi's City of Heroes Remembrance Page

Daimyo Shi's City Unlimited Page

Daimyo Shi's Heroes Unlimited and After the Bomb Page

Daimyo Shi's World of Darkness Page

My Legend of the Five Rings page

Daimyo Shi's Anime Top Ten Lists

Daimyo Shi's Vampire the Eternal Struggle CCG

Daimyo Shi's Star Trek Top Ten List

Daimyo Shi's Motivators

Daimyo Shi's Fanfiction

NCC-1956 Page

[This was my first page boy do it show it age]

Daimyo Shi's Random page

Daimyo Shi's main page [Originaly on Yahoo]

My Klingon Page

[This was my first page boy do it show it age]

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