The Ancestral Halls of the Crane

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Name: Doji Hajime

Site Work: Host Space, Html,Card picture search and layout.

Legends of the Five Rings Clans Played: Crane, Scorpion and Crab

Other Web Sites: Daimyo Shi's many RPG Pages

Other Interests: Roleplaying, Anime, Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu, Martial Arts and History.

Shiryo no Toraken

Name: J.Gibson AKA

Site Work: Many of the Well Done Crane Scans.

Other Web Sites: A lot of His Art including L5R

Sent E-Mail with fast rider to J Gibson

Name: Doji Sakura AKALady Entropy

Site Work: Doji Hajime's Chibi, Art for the Doji Sakura Shrine

Other Web Sites: A lot of Her Art including L5R


Sent E-Mail with a tout to Doji Hajime

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