The Ancestral Halls of the Crane

Welcome to the Ancestral Halls of the Crane. Given the newest of the current Shrine several Areas are not open to public viewing. With time they will be opened. Below you will find a Set of Rooms each containing Information about the Crane and its families. Both Information from the RPG and CCG will be represented. Currently The Ancestral Hall is open but missing several cards. If you can help fill in the gabs please e-mail me.

Ancestral Halls of the Crane [An archive of Every Crane Personality card]

Allies and Clan Members [RPG NPCs]

Scrolls From The Daidoji Library [RPG material and fan fiction]

Shrine to Doji Sakura, Kami of Art and Chibi [Art gallery of Doji Sakura]

Shrine to the Glorious Emperor: Toturi II

Armies and Courts [decks]

Library of Humour

Friends and Allies [Links]

Authors[Web Site people]

Leg Four Race for the Throne poster Contest Entries

Doji Hajime Chibi

Cool Chibi Doji Hajime done by Doji Sakura.

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You scored as The Crane Clan. You are a member of the Crane Clan! You appreciate art and beauty, are known for soothing hurt feelings, and constantly attempt to improve yourself. You have the soul of an artist.

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The Scorpion Clan


The Crab Clan


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The Mantis Clan


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The Dragon Clan


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Crane. You're arrogant but at least you have skills to back it up. And blue is slimming on you.

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