Scrolls From The Daidoji Library

Good day Samurai-san, I hope you have eat rice today. I am Daidoji Sakiru. Welcome to the Daidoji Library, here you will find a number of resources for the Legend of the Five Rings Role Playing Game. Excuse the little sparse nature of the Library for now parts of the library remain Crane clan Members only.

The Pen is Mighter than the Sword [Words for your L5R RPG]

Tales Not Fully Told [Adventure Ideas in the Challange, Focus, Strike style]

Not all heros are alike [Use of media models for PC and NPC]

Oh, you wish tales of the world do you? Well that not really the realm of the Daidoji. Perhaps you finds what you seek at Kyuden Kakita.

Road to Kyuden Kakita [Fan Fiction]

Return to the Halls of the Crane

Sent E-Mail with a fast rider to Doji Hajime

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